Creative Writing Tutorials

Because it's important to know your character well before you start writing, the website recommends the following writing exercises, which you should not include in your story, but rather use as useful methods of getting to know your characters better. Feel free to add your own scenarios if you can think of some.

  • Your main character has invited you to lunch. Where does he/she meet you? What is ordered? What do you talk about?
  • Your protagonist and antagonist are each required to write a letter of introduction for your reader, describing themselves, their goals and motivations, and you.
  • It's a Sunday afternoon and your character's responsibilities are complete. What does he/she do to relax for the rest of the day?
  • Your protagonist and antagonist each write a letter to a friend or family member (or you!) about the other.
  • Your two main characters have to change a flat tire, in the rain.
  • Your main character invites you to his/her place for dinner. What sort of home does he/she have? How is it furnished? Any family, roommates, pets? What is served?
  • Your main character decides to put up a personal homepage. How does he/she go about it? Does he/she have the skills to start building one, or will assistance be necessary? What sort of information will he/she want on it?

User Submitted Ideas[]

  • Your character hears from a person in their past who they have conflicted feelings about. How do they handle it?
  • Your character is alone for a night, and all of his/her friends and relatives are busy. What does he/she do?
  • Your character writes the human trafficking research paper. What are his/her feelings? What is his/her inner emotions and reasoning? Consider several points of view.
  • Your character comes down with a terrible flu. How does he/she act? Is he/she good at coping with a sickness, or does he/she want to be babied and taken care of? Does he/she act dramatic about it?
  • Your character writes a letter to another character in the book. This helps well with inter-character relationships.