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Basic advice[]

  • Generally avoid cliches, stock characters, stereotypes, and predictable story elements.
  • Develop suspense early on and keep it going.
  • Describe the story, provide imagery, use proper diction, and personify characters.
  • Make characters active; don't have them merely respond to the environment.
  • Have each chapter lead to the next in such a way that makes the chapter important.
  • Check your spelling and grammar, preferably with a beta, or else with a spellchecker.

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Literary fiction[]

Literary fiction is by no means the only type of worthwhile and enjoyable fiction to write or read. None the less many authors have ambitions to write Literary fiction and authors on this website are not motivated by monetary gain, therefore Novelas can accommodate more ambitious works as well as the typical, page-turner. The links below can help authors who feel like attempting literary fiction as well as helping authors who are perhaps less ambitious.

  • Story in Literary Fiction There is excellent advice for those with ambitions to write great literary fiction. Those with more modest aims and those who feel like writing popular fiction can also learn here.
  • Essays - How Literary Stories Go Wrong, William H. Coles This advises how to write Literary fiction but other types of fiction are also popular.
  • How to Create Literary Fiction Rewriting as this author suggests is relatively easy with a word processor but if you simply feel like writing good quality fiction without aiming for any literary prises you do not need to rewrite so often.
  • Story in Literary Fiction readers who try out this web site may perhaps feel like reviewing it.