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As Ann looked at her best friend Marie, she wondered what it would be like without her. What would it be like without her? "Marie, I have a question have you ever wondered what it would be like without each other?" She replies "Hmm, no, actually I never thought about it, but now that you mentioned it, I am not really sure." So from that moment they started to think about what it would be like and thought maybe my life would be different without her, I wouldn't have anyone to be there to cover for me when i get in trouble. Ann thought she'd realized that I might not get in to trouble as often or get in detention for 12 minutes. "I could've get good grades and my routine would've been perfect." Now this angered Ann for the first time and now she realized she is the one that always covers for Marie. "Agh, Marie wanted to know what I just realized, I always cover for you and I'm the one taking the blame. You always got me into trouble and you got off scott-free! Well I'm sick of it, leave my house right now!" Marie had know idea what just happened but it seemed that there friendship just ended. Marie thought to herself, "Well then, I guess I'll leave for right now." They never fought before so this was new and now it means war. One after one they started rumors about each other in the neighborhood and at school. They also became furious with each other and more shouting came and one by one they hated each other more until they were enemies. Not a day goes by without them yelling or pranking each other without arguing each other.

To be continued.

The next day, Marie was walking on her way to the classroom when the detention teacher, Mrs. Garfield, grabbed her wrist and put her in the detention center. "Marie! What did I tell you?!" Marie gazed at her and replies "I apologize, Ma'am, but I have to inform that Ann and I fought because I was taking the blame on her." Mrs. Garfield became irritated when she heard what she said. "Whatever, besides, you only got detention for 12 minutes." Later, it was 3 pm and Ann was waiting for her bus to show up when Marie walked up to her, apologizing for getting her into trouble and getting off scott-free. Ann was still her best friend, in fact, she realized she wasn't putting the blame again.

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