Level Up

It was an ordinary day in Girlutopia,the sun was shining and the warm summer breeze filled the morning air.But at high school it was a whole other Juliette's mansion Sarah thats me, was doodling in my notebook the others were eyes on Juliette's laptop but once she downloaded one more file we were whisked into a highly generated power universe.But when my little sister Zoe came in to look for me,she saw Juliette's laptop first she stared at the motion eye and then closed it. We could still see her thanks to Juliette's extra camera,Zoe looked around first,and then picked her way through Juliette's vanity and closet.After,she found a silky white evening gown and a golden blond lipstick.meanwhile in the computerJuliette saidTHATS MINE YOU DISGUSTING LITTLE TWIRP!Juliette hollered jumping up and dowm furiously like she went pshyco.Juliette!I demandedShe's going to hear us.But then,we were whised back out of the computer when Zoe turned around Iput my hands behind my back because there was a thin book in my hands.Are you alright? Zoe asked,she walked,turned around and left.We phewed then nodded.