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A list of common grammar mistakes.

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Wrong: "When the bell rang, he went to the door, a small man, slim and hunched."

Why: The door is a small man?

Correct: "When the bell rang, the small man, slim and hunched, went to the door."

Wrong: "Why do you exercise everyday before breakfast?"

Why: Everyday is an adjective. A correct example is "that's my everday breakfast routine." Both everyday and breakfast modifies the noun routine, so they are both adjectives.

Correct: "Why do you exercise every day before breakfast?"

Why: "Every" here is the adjective, day is the noun it modifies. Note that "exercise" is a verb here, not a noun.

Wrong: "Well, it's just my every day routine."

Why: In this case, "every" and "day" are not both adjectives modifying routine.

Correct: "Well, it's just my everyday routine."

Why: Everyday is the adjective of routine.

Wrong: "Your my best friend," he said.

Why: Your is the possesive form, that's like saying best friend is a doll and whoever you're talking to owns it.

Correct; "You're my best friend," he said.