Creative Writing Tutorials

Sometimes, it can be fun (and useful) to fill out a questionnaire about a character in your story. This gives you insight to things about your character that you might not have considered before starting to write.

  1. Character's height.
  2. Character's body type (rectangular/hourglass/lean)
  3. Character's hair texture, color and length (curly, straight, blonde, brown, long, short etc)
  4. Character's spouse/parter (if applicable)
  5. Character's most conflicted relationship (could be with a family member, friend, lover, whatever you like)
  6. Character's mother
  7. Character's relationship with mother
  8. Character's father
  9. Character's relationship with father
  10. Traumatic moment in character's life
  11. Character's happiest memory
  12. Character's favorite food
  13. What does your character do on a rainy day, alone?
  14. Character's feelings toward children.
  15. Character's feelings toward marriage
  16. Character's feelings toward animals
  17. What is your character's biggest fear?
  18. What is your character's biggest goal in life?
  19. Character's attitude toward sex
  20. Is your character guilty of any crimes, petty or otherwise?
  21. Is there anything your character feels guilty about?
  22. How does your character deal with arguments and conflict?