Creative Writing Tutorials

Sometimes, it can be fun (and useful) to fill out a questionnaire about a character in your story. This gives you insight to things about your character that you might not have considered before starting to write.

  1. Character's height. 6'3
  2. Character's body type (rectangular/hourglass/lean): Lean
  3. Character's hair texture, color and length (curly, straight, blonde, brown, long, short etc): Jabari has long dreadlocks.
  4. Character's spouse/parter (if applicable): At the beginning of the storey Jabari has no spouse, towards the ending he falls in love.
  5. Character's most conflicted relationship (could be with a family member, friend, lover, whatever you like): Most conflicted relationship is with Charlotte the daughter of the KKK leader.
  6. Character's mother: Not much is said about Jabari mother. She passed away when he was really young.
  7. Character's relationship with mother: There is none.
  8. Character's father: Malcolm Brown
  9. Character's relationship with father: Admires his father for his leadership, but beyond that there is a completed relationship there that we later explore through the film.
  10. Traumatic moment in character's life: The death of his mother to the KKK. Jabari saw the whole thing.
  11. Character's happiest memory: Sitting around the table with his mother and father playing bored games.
  12. Character's favorite food: Hamburgers and fries.
  13. What does your character do on a rainy day, alone?: Sit inside and writes poetry.
  14. Character's feelings toward children: Loves them and wishes to have a few of his own.
  15. Character's feelings toward marriage: Is a bit iffy about it, but is open to the idea.
  16. Character's feelings toward animals: Loves them, but the wild kind.
  17. What is your character's biggest fear: Being forgotten after death.
  18. What is your character's biggest goal in life? To end the war against segregation.
  19. Character's attitude toward sex: Loves the idea of it, but is still virgin so he has no clue what to expect.
  20. Is your character guilty of any crimes, petty or otherwise? Murder, theft, vandalism.
  21. Is there anything your character feels guilty about? Later on in the story, the death of his father.
  22. How does your character deal with arguments and conflict? He doesn't. He hates the nose and would rather walk out.