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A Life Killer

It was an ordinary life for gradute student Hans.It all started when his father sent him to colledge.Hans did well in his busy school,but he started having acne.So he went to his medical doctor,DR.David Collebman.He prescribed Hans with accutane once Hans took one pill and then everything changed Hans called his father,and told him this:Dad, I'm nosiated,headache,and lost sexual sensation.His father told him he was going to send a life tutor but Hans saidno!.But he kept taking accutane.Four years later, Hans drove 800 miles to Chicago to give revenge to David Collebman.Officials say the items were a knife,blowtorch,ducktape,and chainsaw.Hans went to the medical center and went to David's office ,but when he tried his plan, the doctor fought through and Hans stabbed him.Hans moved to St.Martin but police were on his tail ,so Hans went to the police station and confessed ,so he was held custody.

article written by Angelina Bai-Sheka .